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Knowledgeable and friendly James is excellent at what he does. He was intelligent and professional. I appreciated the conversation and he really picked up on things that I was unaware of in my own body. I felt very relaxed after the session.
Kind and Intuitive James is my go-to bodyworker when the body and mind are out of balance. James has a kind and generous heart, has a wealth or experience as a student and teacher, is sensitive and intuitive. He is always on his own journey of awakening and that's important to me.
Jeff L
Excellent Thank you
Arayna H
Cranio Sacral It was great, I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of what you can provide. I will definitely recommend your services to my patients.
Susan H
Visits All visits helped. Feel cranial component was very beneficial and non-invasive
Ashley M
True Talent James Fix is kind, compassionate, intuitive, and so very talented at helping people to heal themselves. He is a teacher, a guide, and just a genuine soul here to share his many talents and gifts. I highly recommend making a visit and seeing for yourself.
Ashley W
Highly recommended! James is very thoughtful and thorough in his approach. I would highly recommend him.
Codie H
Always Amazing James is always amazing! Everytime I see him, he always knows exactly what's going on. When I leave I always feel better and I touch with what's going on with my body.
Amber R
Much needed Self care Wonderful! Thank you!
Kim M
Such great care! james took such great care in listening and then working his magic on me. He was intuitive and natural and very respectful. He ensured that the entire treatment met my needs. He is a true professional!
First Session Success James has a true gift for compassionate touch, would recommend him to anyone looking for this service
Julie Rae o
Generous James is an intuitive, generous, precise and patient therapist. He is knowledgeable, affable and compassionate. I am benefiting from regular Fix sessions and will return soon. Thanks James.
Jenny L
Thoroughness I felt I was in great hands and just as great mind. I was in control of what went on in the session, using his expertise to help guide us. I am very pleased.
Loreen G
James always knows... I have come to understand that James always knows what my body needs, and it's always different. Often I don't know what I need for my body to move better and support me best. James knows! I've been experiencing sessions with him for several years. I'll continue. I like going regularly, it's like a monthly tune-up!
amazing James brought out through Reiki things I didn't even know were going on in my subconscious. It was a life changing experience for me. Thank you James! I am not the same person who came into your office. I am forever changed by your healing hands.
Shera C
Very Relaxing! I wasn't sure what to expect as I have never had this type treatment before. It was very relaxing and I left feeling refreshed.
Bob M
Great Help with Pain I fell on the ice and was having lots of pain in my shoulders and neck. James' work helped immensely after just 4 sessions. Thanks James.
Susan H
2nd visit Feel better and so relaxing.
Tom B
A great health resource James is a great health resource for the Bitterroot Valley. He is knowledgeable, effective and caring. I highly recommend him for regular visits.
Susan H
First visit It was wonderful. Looking forward to next visit.
Jenny L
Amazing I don't know how James does it, but he is so in tune with my body and can tell me about aches and pains befre I tell him. He is very polite, professional and compassionate. I can't say enough about James, except I'm looking forward to my next visit.
Autumn W
Great results! Review of James Fix, CST, RM I found James to be respectful, trustworthy and very good at aligning problem areas. Very happy I took the chance!
Kim M
James Fix I feel so much better after sessions with James at Your Energy Fix!
Kimberly S
Great fix I was so satisfied with this service. I felt a boost in energy as soon as 5 minutes into the session. He helped with my sciatic pain more than any chiropractor I've seen, and I've seen a few in the last couple of months. I will be coming back!
Laura Bergoust
Uplifting & Harmonizing My initial appointment with James Fix was an integrated healing and clear alignment of my mind, body and spirit. Emotional and physical blocks moved on and I left centered and rejuvenated. James’s merging of two of his healing modalities Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy work so synergistically together that you should expect a transformational experience that will amplify your true harmonious nature.
Kimberly S
Great fix I was so satisfied with this service. I felt a boost in energy as soon as 5 minutes into the session. He helped with my sciatic pain more than any chiropractor I've seen, and I've seen a few in the last couple of months. I will be coming back!
Sara T
Thank You! James has a very gentle and healing touch. I feel much better after my session. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his work and if your going to try crainiosacral, James is the man. Thanks again!
Jordan Glennon
Release through Allowance I experienced my first Energy Fix with James in May after attending his Open Circle Meditations (Every Wednesday!). He has such a gift for the work he does and being on the table for the first time was incredible. The comfort I felt along with the verbal guidance allowed me to release and unwind the tightness I had created throughout my abdomen. It has been over a week since that appointment. It came into my awareness that the tension and anxiety I carried is no longer there in the force it had been. During a moment that would cause me to react. I am grounded and conscious about how I am feeling, no longer going into the past paradigms of defensive and anxious behavior. Thank you James for showing me I am able to release through my own allowance of letting go. Big Love, Big Hugs, and Bright Light!
Tom B
Great Help James was very personable and his techniques were professional and effective. Loved my visit with him and look forward to my next appointment.
Rochelle G
wonderful James did a great job, and helped me relax and worked on my shoulder which had just had surgery. The energy going through my shoulder was incredible! Thank you James!
Tara P
Your Energy Fix James does great work!
Highly Recommend I have a rare disease that creates a great amount of pain and fatigue. Doctors hardly now how to treat me. I first came to James when I was very sick and could hardly leave the house. Lucky for me he was a 5 minute drive from me and I was able to make it into see him. The kind of therapy James provides helps me tremendously. More than any other single therapy or medicine I do. He is very intuitive and often senses things others don’t. He also is respectful and professional. I have recieved great benefit and improvement in my health since starting cranial sacral therapy and also getting reiki. I would highly recommend coming to James. He also treated my boyfriends toddler who is very shy and only helped her a lot she also loved coming to see him. She is very shy but even hugged him goodbye she felt so comfortable with him. Cranial sacral therapy is amazing stuff and I can’t sayenough about how much it helped my pain and other problems, and James is also a top notch practitioner. He is compassionate and caring and I am very grateful for all he has done to help me.
Cyndi W
Best gift of healing I moved to Missoula about 2 years and have been hopeful I would find someone who had a gift of healing and intuition as I was blessed with for decades in my old hometown. I have found that person here---after a referral from a trusted friend, the universe brought me to James and I felt nothing was lost or lacking from the healers I have experienced in the past--actually I felt James helped me heal and let go of things in a simpler, more immediate way than I ever have in the past. I am fully settled in to Missoula now that I have found this important piece of my life here in James.
Jeff Ladd
Me With mind
Jacob S
Well the title doesn’t lie! Wonderful experience, I felt at home and felt the magic work all through the next morning! Thank you so much James!
Beyond Expectations James has helped me way more than any doctor I have gone to since I first had a head injury in 2012. nothing but good things to say!
Loreen G
Body tuneup Always the right touch for what I need...what my body needs, which is always changing. Thanks James! See you soon. 🌞
Kim M
A good invest in You. If your on a healing journey this is for you.
Angelina B
Feeling good! I am so glad to have gone to James! He is amazing! He was very in tune with my needs and really helped me physically, emotionally and mentally. He is very knowledgeable and professional and very personable. I definitely look forward to my next session with him and highly recommend him for healing and well being. Thank you James!
Ashley M
Help you help yourself This is a beautiful and safe space where people from all backgrounds can grow and move through energetic blocks and gain tools to aid in their healing. Energetic work is just as important as healthy eating, and exercise of body and mind. Do yourself a favor and book an apt- you will ignite your natural healing capabilities and begin to open yourself to a world of healing and happiness.
Mayo O
James V Fix Review of James Fix, CST, RM It was very relaxing with comfortable bed. Service was excellent! Thank you!
Cahihiro L
It was great The atmosphere is so nice. I was so relax I thought I would sleep.
Carmen H
CAT with James Fix James is intuitive, gentle and caring. I would recommend his services to friends who are looking for a Cranial Sacral Therapist. I always leave feeling rested and at peace.
Very healing and gentle expereince I went to Jame's table with back pain and a broken heart right before moving abroad for seven months. I found in his practice healing in my heart and the back pain was reduce. The ripples effect of the session are still in place. Thank you James for your help.
Kim M
James Fix Your Energy Fix has convenient online scheduling and payments. And, there are frequent specials offered. James Fix is truly amazing! He has helped me with my chronic pain unlike anyone or anything else. My life is changing for the better with each session.
Sarah C
The best energy fix ever! James provided the best energy session I have ever had.
Debra S
Craniosacral Therapy James is knowledgeable, skilled and professional. After the session I felt more openness and flexibility in my body. I highly recommend James, Your Energy Fix
Cassandra W
Acupuncturist I have found James to be knowledgable, experienced, and professional in his treatments. I was seeing James for concussion relief post being hit by a pick-up truck on my bike after one month of palliative care. James was able to give me quick relief from the neck tension due to soft tissue trauma. Within the second session, I was able to return to normal sleep patterns. The third session, I found complete relief from my dizziness. My fourth treatment received my trigeminal nerve sensations. Unfortunately, I fell off my bike & hit my head again on the pavement when my bike tire blew. I saw James a week after this second fall. My symptoms are much less with this second head trauma. I am grateful James was able to see me so quickly to address this second trauma.
Mashara M
Healing work review Good Morning James, Please know how much I value our healing work. The DDD has calmed down and I am now focusing on healing from the brain bubble breaking...another worthy challenge. When funding becomes available, I will be looking forward to calling you to hopefully continue. Thanks for everything James. Maybe I'll see you at ceremony although I haven't heard of it yet. Take good care and may your kindness and generosity be returned to you a thousand fold. Mashara
Nancy E
Cranial sacral/reiki Excellent
Krysta H
Phenomenal service James Fix does an amazing job at what he does! I went in to see him and he was very intuitive and so knowledgable! I had a wonderful experience and came out of his office feeling so empowered and rejuvenated and ready to take on anything! Thanks so much for all you do!
Jenna B
Awesome experience! I have had energy work/CranioSacral done before, but it has been a few years. I forgot how amazing I feel when I utilize these energy tools! James has a great, welcoming energy that made me feel immediately comfortable and ready to release any tension or "stuck" energy that had been lingering for some time. It's so important to find someone who creates a safe, non-judgmental space. and that's what James provided. I feel so much "lighter" after my session and I look forward to the next!
Douglas J S
5.0 5.0
sharon z
Cranial/sacral Great help for bad injury from a fall in connection with PT and Chiropractic
Jessica C
Feeling wonderful! Thanks again! Great to see you. Thanks for clearing my sinuses, relieving my pain and the great chat!
sharon z
Cranial/sacral Review of James Fix, CST, RM Fixing a messed up body from a bad fall!
Jeff L
Love Thank you Mr. Fix!
excellent I was very pleasantly surprised with how much my session helped me. Mr. fix is very kind, compassionate and an expert. He got right to the root of the issue. It has been almost a week since my session and every day I'm still seeing improvements.
Healing Touch James is a wonderful therapist! He is extremely intuitive. His work and techniques have been very helpful in my healing process. He is a blessing!
Michael L
First craniosacral session Michael says "thank you for the session." We are jazzed about how it all went and his responses.
Stephanee C
cranial sacral This is always very beneficial for my physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Thank you!
Sharon Z
Highly Recommend In combination with my Chiropractic care this has been a great help to improving injuries and birth trauma.  I would highly recommend this work and James.  Sharon Z
Stephanee C
cranial sacral Review of James Fix, CST, RM I definitely will keep recommendin this to people it was amazing and very relaxing. I am always looking forward to my next visit!
Energy Session It would be nice if at the end of a session you would leave the room for a few minutes to give the client time to gather themselves.
Kathleen W
Thank-you' James, I feel my life is on an "even keel" now I still feel some neck stiffness...if it doesn't work out I'll be back.
Sarah B
Cranial Sacral Loved my session, felt really great afterward and look forward to my next one.
Kerry E
Transformative James has pulled me out of the fire more than a few times with both pain and the mental and spiritual aftermath from Chronic Depression. I can't say enough good about him.
Jessia C
Wonderful Session Thank you so much, each session and class I have attended have been wonderful.
Jessica F
Best experience! One of the best experiences, truly. I felt better than I have in a long time! I most definitely will be returning when I can.
Kyrie C
Wonderful James is a delightful therapist with wonderful energy. One of the most compassionate people I have ever met. If you haven't been in to see him I would highly recommend it. My body always feel replenished and enlightened when I get off his table.
Jessica C
Wonderful experience Review of James Fix, CST, RM This was so beneficial for me. James belief clear up what I expect is years of stress. I felt great afterward and even felt 2 inches taller. Can't wait to go back!
Kelly N
A loyal client James is so helpful, and I have brought all three of my sons to see him for various reasons. He has helped us with chronic concussion headaches, birth trauma, and lingering ear aches. Thank you James!
Shana D
CST well done Neutrality rules! You're getting it! Great treatment!
Mashara M
First Appointment Input It was very positive...I quickly remembered several crania-sacral things to share with you next time. My body held all the positive movement for about 3-4 days. Looking forward to seeing you June 20, 2:00PM. Thanks James.
Ariel B
Cranio Sacral review Excellent, thank you
Valkyrie H
Mr. Fix I always feel very listened to and physically comfortable while in session with James. He's a tender understanding practioner. He also is constantly improving himself and taking more than required continuous education. I leave his office feeling clear calm and a bit put back together. Thank you James
Brenna Rae L
Wonderful! I love working with James! He is kind and professional.I always feel safe and comfortable. He has helped me work through everything from deep trauma to sore muscles from working out :D I highly reccomend any service he offers.
Penelope B
Compassionate healer James is a truly compassionate, highly intuitive, well trained healer. He offers me the support that I need while being clear that it is my journey to heal my body and he is just the facilitator. I recommend him as someone who can hear the voice of your inner healer while moving energy across your body.
Eileen M
Interesting I am pleased so far and keen on learning more.
Tara P
Your Energy Fix James does great work!
Jess M
Great awareness I do craniosacral therapy as well so I can say with confidence that James is highly attuned at guiding the healing process. I choose carefully who I ask to work on me, and James is a top pick for his careful attention and respectful space holding.
Rena T
excellent Someone to talk to focused on the self and positive action. All about it. :)
Jill H
Caring and quality work James is an amazing caregiver. He listens and is very knowledgeable. He is a vital part of my health care team.
Dixie B
perfect James has a wonderful skill of stepping in when he is needed and knowing when to step out when the client doesnt need his assistance,i appreciate his desire to become the purest healing vessel he can be.
Great session! James was great and helped me with back spasms. Thanks!
Kelly N
Great results James has seen my son multiple times and had been helping with headaches due to repeat concussions. Thank you!
Aaron T
Thank you Something quite powerful happening
Thressa S
James Fix I am really happy with the service that James provides and I recommend him to my friends. James has helped me and my family in many ways and I consider him a great friend and caregiver. Thank you for the wonderful service James.
Compassionate, Open, Present I've been going to James for more than a year now, and without fail I leave more relaxed and serene. I feel comfortable explaining what's going on to him, but when I don't he doesn't push for more information, which creates a wonderful safe space. He's helped me work through difficult past events that linger through scars in my body with understanding and compassion, and I am freer because of it.
Healing Energy Your Reiki and Cranial is healing and helps me to feel in energy balance.
Awesome Thanks James for a very successful session. Your energy and kindness are profound.